Monday, September 16, 2013

Check Me Out

Sometimes seasonal trends don't resonate with what I happen to be feeling at the moment. Then there are other times when they really hit the mark. I'm pretty taken with everything in Zara's Fall Collection right now. The edgy designs in plaid, tartan, checked and houndstooth patterns all bring me back to a time in the past when I was naively confident in just about everything I attempted (in the special way only an 16 year old can be), thought I knew exactly what I wanted in life and had big, big plans for my future (as in I'm going to be the next Katie Couric kind of plans).  

I may not be looking for a career in broadcast journalism, but I find that these days, I am really looking to get back to my roots in some respects and recreate the kind of verve (and nerve) I once had. Fall to me is all about renewal and I say that there is no better time to shake it up and pull myself out of a rut.  I'm certainly gonna be sure I'm dressed for the part.



Alison Dulaney said...

I am loving plaid right now, especially the pants!

Kristen said...

Zara is my favorite! So much fun fall inspiration.

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