Monday, April 30, 2012

A Budget Bedroom Make-over

Thought I'd kick off this Monday morning with some progress shots of my Sister's revamped boudoir. We spent the day hanging, sewing and fluffing and by the end of day Saturday, had a much different situation going on in the bedroom than when we started out.

But before I share the amazing transformation with you, I thought I'd show you where the inspiration came from and how the plan originally came together.

Domino Mini Guide: June/July 2008; photo by Justin Bernhaut

You've seen it. You've probably loved it as much as I have. This Domino guest room provided our color palette and inspiration for the bedding.

From the Domino image inspiration, I pulled together this mock up, using her existing nightstands and the leather storage/seating cubes she already had at the end of her bed.  This was always intended to be an update on an a budget. By simply swapping out some of the textiles and art, the goal was to bring color and texture to the room and give her and my brother-in-law a more polished, kid-free zone that they could escape to at the end of the day.

To help us manage costs, I did a little "shopping" amongst my own closets and we were thankfully able to implement some recycled bedding and window panels from my own stash.

Here's where we started out. She had only recently moved in and knowing we were going to be revving up the decor, had purposely left the room spare.

Budget restraints weren't the only challenge we were working against. Because of their rental terms, there were a couple of things that we knew would be off limits- such as painting the walls and changing out the existing ceiling fan. But the overall plan would include new bedside lighting, a headboard and some artwork to balance out all of the white space around the bed. Brighter window panels would also allow some more of the natural light to pour in through the windows.

I'm so excited to share the final look and all of the various elements that played into this update. Be sure and meet me back here tomorrow for the big reveal!

'Til then... hope you are off to a great new week!


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